Throwback Thursday: ball games

Publié par le 27 mars 2014

This is the first installment of our new Throwback Thursday series. Just like on Instagram, #TBT invites you to take a trip down memory lane. We asked stylish people from Montreal and abroad to share childhood pictures of themselves. From these charmingly nostalgic photographs, we create in-season outfits that are perfect for this summer. As your mom told you: fashion is cyclical.

La Passerelle Throwback Thursday Audrey Bujold

Audrey Bujold is a copy editor and writer at TPL mag and a translator at Rogers Media. Since the above picture was taken, she’s made the choice to go vegan and thus now eats tofu or soy ice cream.

La Passerelle Throwback Thursday Audrey Bujold


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Audrey’s childhood outfit was perfectly in tune with the season’s sportswear trend. Throw on a baseball-inspired t-shirt, a funky printed cap and comfortable shoes and you’re ready to become MVP… or watch the game from the bleachers, ice cream cone in hand.

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